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If I read the Management statement correctly and, as a former civil servant, I had a lot of practise in reading “between the lines”, it can be paraphrased as :

The club is getting smaller, we don’t know why, we don’t have a clue what to do about it, so we will haul up the drawbridge and wait and see if any new members come along.

As a comparison, one large club that still keeps its main forum open is the AJS/Matchless club, and it is often entertaining and instructive. But it always struck me as ironic that
thanks to an enterprising member we in the Scott Club can buy replacement cranks, while some of the specialist AMC repairers have waiting lists for reconditioned cranks to
replace the notorious bendy ones used on the early AMC parallel twins! Shades of Tom Ward.
Someone has recently started a discussion about the possibility of remanufacturing AMC cranks, that brought some interesting postings. Considering the relative sizes of the SOC and the AJS/Matchless club, it amazes me how long it has taken them to get to the discussion stage and demonstrates what a difference a committed individual can make to a club.

If the SOC forum does become closed, I (as an SOC member ) will certainly not bother with it.

Malc. Webb