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Richard Moss

Well, I’ve sanded off a lot of perfectly decent paint so far with nothing to show. I can’t find anything on the LH side of the headstock from about 1/2″ down from the top of the headstock to about 2 1/2″ down.
If it were, for example, a single downtube flyer frame that had been modified to remove the front tank mount, where would the number be then? It’s been a racing bike for over forty years so we’ve never really been interested about the frame number but I’m pretty sure it’s necessary to show it upon (re)registration.
I tried to search the forum, as this may have come up in the previous 11 years, but it wont let me search ‘frame’ or ‘number’ as they are too commonly used apparently. There is a lug brazed on top of the headstock casting about 1/2″ up from where the main down-tube enters it. If a number was going to be under there, then I won’t find it.
Any further ideas anyone?