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There is no front tank mount on a Sprint Special or 1931-33 single downtube Flyer frame…. The tanks are secured by a loose clamp fitting around the top tube of the frame, (long tank SS and 31-33 Flyer). Of course an oval tanked bike has no front mounting at all. There are various differences between the two different types of frame, with three or four different removable rear upper chainstays, different diameter front downtubes, and the bottom lug on the seat pillar tube has a squared off top edge on oval tanked SS machines, to accommodate the bottom of the tank, while the 31-33 Flyer’s lug is feathered off at the top. On the Flyer type frame there is no mounting lug for the handchange gate and lever, because the gearchange mounts onto the underside of the tank. Oval tanked and long tanked SS frames would originally have had the mounting on the top tube.