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David J Waring

Hello Toby,
I have one of the rather bulbous 8″ Lucas glasses as per your photo. I also have brand new (old stock) 7 inch 12 volt sealed beam units.
If you are interested in either send me an email (address in introductory pages of Yowl under “Section Information”), and I will dig them out to send photos.

The missing Schrader valve may indicate that someone has put springs in the forks in place of the original air springing & oil damping – a common, but often unecessary, answer to forks leaking oil, when thicker oil could possibly have solved the problem (a personal experience)
Regarding the front brakes, the operating arms on the brake drums should point backwards, as per the original Scott sales photos.
Regarding the missing unit above the front mudguard – the balance box or brake compensator, you are safer without it; should a cable break you have no front brake. A double pull brake lever as per Royal Enfields or Brum Scotts gives more “pull” and you have a sporting chance of having some braking effect if one cable breaks.
Did you locate a post war “Book of the Scott”?