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Toby Robson

Well first off, another big thanks to all of you!

– A special thanks for the Private Message (cheers David) and agratefully accepted offer of a schematic/exploded view of the dowty type forks. This will be invaluable. Apparently we might require some specially made tools to reach the innards of the forks should we need.

– Dave Bushell – thanks for the notification about the rest of my pictures. I’ll have to find a more efficient way to post images!

– Barrie. Thanks for taking the time to type. I’d prefer to replace the lens rather than the whole unit, so I think David Waring’s advice is more useful and my preferred option, given that the rest of the fairing appears fine. Thank you for confirming that the missing item is a shrader valve. If the ‘information is out there’, despite extensive searching on google, I haven’t yet found anything relating to that level of detail (not helped of course by not knowing what the missing item was to begin with). Perhaps you have some recommended sources for that kind of info? The published info on Scotts I’ve been able to glean to date refer in the main to girder forked models. One of the main reasons for posting here isn’t to waste anyone’s time but to hopefully cut out hours of fruitless searching for info which one of the generous guys here can shortcut with just a couple of sentances of accrued experience and wisdom. 😉

– David Waring – Many many thanks – your advice if gold and has saved me lots of frustrated searching about. I’ll email you directly as am definitely interested in the 8″ lens. Similarly, will defo proceed with the plan to go for the double pull cable rather than trying to track down or fabricate a balance box. Now I’ve got to get to grips with finding out whether the forks have been sprung! Given that there’s resistance and ‘bounce’ if I push on the handlebars – but the shrader valve is entirely missing (and no oil squirts out) – I’m guessing that its pretty conclusive that she has been modified? I’ll go for the rear facing arms… but I’ve found a few pictures of Scotts with both girder and dowty forks with them facing forwards… why on earth would people set them like that? Fashion, different parts – or was there some other logic behind doing it? (examples https://www.austinmotorscene.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Scott-1927-Motorcycle-Flying-Squirrel-5.jpg , https://www.vinandvet.eu/uploads/cgblog/id137/P1120402bbb.jpg , )

Oh, and whilst I’m thanking folks, a big thank-you to Roger Moss for his chat and advice on the blower the other week – what a gent.

Cheers Chris Wastell too – certainly less daunting when we know we’ve got a good point of reference and advice here. The other half has bought me a workshop book for my birthday – this is a 34 edition, but I’m hoping still good at least for the engine and drive chain info, if not the forks.

Cheers one and all!

Toby (and his Pa, Rob and our friend John)