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Toby Robson

Hello Richard,

Many thanks for the reply. I’ll post some pictures as soon as the forum lets me – I have tried, but each time it boots me and makes me sign back in.

I’m not an experienced mechanic – though I’ve tinkered a little bit with machines. I’ve had a couple of white-collar careers, but retrained a few years back as a stone-mason. That means I know my way round a grinder pretty well and have some practical skills in terms of reading plans. I also have my own back-yard foundry in which I cast aluminum, so I’m guessing that facility might come in handy, as it looks like we’re missing the housing which ought to sit over the magneto sprocket. My father’s the one with the mechanical knowledge; A Scott Flying Squirrel was one of his first ‘big’ bikes, and despite owning a Triumph Super Rocket, Tiger and a couple of others in his time, it remained his all time favourite. Dad’s long term memory is great, but he sometimes forgets what he’s just done, so my job is to be his chief assistant and background researcher (he also being something of a social media and internet luddite!)

‘The Book of The Scott’ looks like an invaluable reference – where’s a good place to source a copy?