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Toby Robson

It’s interesting that you’ve both spotted that! It was a question I was going to ask, as all the museum Scotts of a similar age to DJY have the ‘rocker’ stand too – and it looked to my uneducated eye like a really clever and probably more stable engineering solution than a modern kick-stand. DJY effectively has THREE stands then; the kick stand, the big rear stand and a twin ‘H’ shaped stand under the front of the engine which I guess could be extended to change the front wheel.

I wonder, if the bike was specc’d to have all three whether the original purchaser imagined he was going to do a bit of touring – and therefore having the big rear stand and the front stand would make taking the wheels of for punctures a lot easier, single handed and out on some remote road?

I’ve also been amused to see the ‘push bike’ style lugs to take a standard push bike tyre pump! Was that a standard feature on Scotts too?! 😛