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I have posted a similar reply to this question before, there is a reason why brake levers should point forward and not backwards as Scotts supplied them, and the reason is this, although the brake cam lifts both shoes the edge of the cam nearest the spindle will lift its shoe slightly more than the edge of the cam further from the spindle lifts its shoe, so the brake shoe nearest the spindle should be the leading shoe, this can only happen if the brake levers are pointing forward, if you copy Scotts original design you will be putting all your effort into braking with the trailing shoe. Having said all this the Shipley 6″ front brake is entirely let down by weak shoes and backplates that just distort when applied. Over the years owners have also unjustly blamed the 2 into 1 cable junction box for the poor brake performance, this has nothing to do with it and is no different to the Royal Enfield twin cable lever fitted to Birmingham Scotts, on both types 1″ of cable movement at the handlebar will lift both brake levers by 1″ , the Vincent system is 2 to 1 ratio, 1″ of cable movement on the handlebar lever will only move the brake levers 1/2″. If anyone decides to alter their brake levers to forward facing please just change the backplates and not the whole wheel as the threaded ring locking the bearing should always be on the left of the machine. Alan Noakes. scottworkshop@hotmail.co.uk