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dave bushell

It’s interesting that the postwar Shipley Scotts, even the 1946/47 equipped with girder forks and full width, twin brake hubs, plus the Brum Scotts had the brake arms pointing rearwards. Weren’t the factory aware of the difference it made in braking efficiency? Whilst it is easy to switch the brake plates over on the Shipley Scotts, it’s not so easy on the Brums. The brake plate anchor arm bolt are difficult to insert without removing mudguard stay bolts and springing the fork leg apart slightly to enable sufficient clearance to insert the bolts, but once in, no problem. At the front, it is necessary to put 5/16″ spacers between the front mudguard stay and the fork leg mounting point in order for the stay to clear the cable adjuster lugs.
Is it worth the effort? I’ll let you know after I’ve taken the Brum out for a run.