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Kevin N Bayliss

Hi David and all, I’m open to any ideas. Maybe I’ll put something in the Yowl asking that question.
The most important thing is that we get enough interest in our events as it has been pointed out to me that the attendance has been dropping year by year. I’ve been told that Richard Martin struggled to fill 40 beds and only 37 bikes on display at Shuttleworth, I would feel like I’d been kicked in the teeth if after all the hard work to organise this and had that response, I feel it was a poor response after Richard and his team spent so much time and effort organising the event, is it worth it???.

Interestingly I’ve not long received an email from the Vincent owners club asking if we and other clubs could support their event next year (details maybe next Yowl depending on room) is this the way forward, I hope not as we have well over 500 members and I would have thought we could expect at least 50 bikes out of that, even so it’s not very good percentage wise, or do we go that way and invite Vintage post Vintage machines of all makes, would that create more interest and attendance.
Maybe before the next committee meeting someone involved could post a questionnaire on this site asking for everyone’s input which could then be discussed when they meet and post the results.

Also just to make it clear to everyone, the Abbotsholme event is not in competition with anyone else or Shuttleworth, it’s just to give a choice in distance to travel, that’s if Shuttleworth runs again, I’ve had no notification to confirm either way.

This event was discussed last year by myself and Lewis Onions and was at that time going to be as a trial with two events, Abbotsholme and Shuttleworth. Now I do not know, but hopefully someone will make that decision and let us all know.

I’m also running the Scott stand at Ingliston in March and so far I’ve got eight Scotts or Silks attending, if I can get that amount in Scotland with the number of members here, surly we can get a large turnout down south???

As for the cost, well most of us will spend that for one night in a hotel, here you get two nights and fed, very good value, plus if vendors can make it you get a chance of some parts you need, plenty of help with your project or general chat, what else would you be doing with your time.

I’m also going to email relevant companies to see if I can get any items for raffle prizes, any items that anyone brings for a prize will be gratefully received.

Enough from me for now, it’s up to you all to make our Scott events the best there is.