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Well it certainly was not 1/8″ in my bike! I needed a 5.5 mm drill (sorry but I’m a mostly metric) to clear the contents which included the remains of a theaded bolt. Now all sorted with a new peg but the strap then didn’t fit as it had been built up with weld. A few minutes work with the Dremel and a file got the weld cleaned off and the notch in the strap lined up beautifully – most satisfying. Obviously, my old boss had just been relying on the strap for quite some time and it was certainly not in the correct position.

The boss and shafts are now fitted to the outer case with new bearing so tonights job will be a trial assembly to double check there is still correct layshaft float and see how bad the mainshaft is. There was clear movement on the output shaft before so its going to be waaaay more than 10 thou……..