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Try putting the bike into SECOND gear, ensuring that the external bellcrank indent ball is in the relevant ‘hole’ in the indent plate, and that the second gear pair of cogs are fully engaged and in line with one another, with the dogs on the selector drum fully engaged into the back of the second gear cog. Adjust the length of the external linkage between the positive stop mechanism and the bellcrank arm as necessary. Hopefully this should sort out your gear engagement problems. Also put some more grease into the positive stop mechanism, to make sure that the ratchet and pawl mechanism is operating cleanly. One other thing to check is the tightness of the clutch centre retaining nut, and at the same time check that you haven’t got more than about 12 to 15 thou” end float on the mainshaft. I have a sneaking feeling that your clutch centre retaining nut has come loose……