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Now that I have pointed you in the right direction, I can get a bit more specific….. Do make sure that you have got a tab washer under the clutch centre nut, and when the nut is fully tightened bend one of the tabs onto the flat on the side of the nut. It you don’t do that it will soon loosen off again. To lock everything up solid whilst you tighten the nut is not particularly easy, and depends what equipment you have to hand. On a DIY basis, you can get the bike in gear and at 90 degrees to a wall, then put a couple of bricks or blocks of wood between the tyre and the wall, so that it can’t move. Somebody sitting on the bike holding the brakes on hard at the same time will also help. I have a clutch locking tool, which consists of an old clutch plain plate with a steel arm about six inches long welded to it at a tangent, but I don’t suppose that many people have got one of those !
There are of course cruder ways of locking things up, involving sticking lengths of wood between the chain and the clutch drum sprocket, but they make me shudder, and I won’t go into more detail !!