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I know that the Morgan Three-Wheeler owners used to advocate thixotropic grease (Shell Tivela Compound A), but then went off it after several recorded cases of the stuff emulsifying to an off-white corrosive sludge. To my way of thinking, for an emulsion to form there MUST be water present, and perhaps Morgan transmissions let water in ? I can’t see how a Scott three-speed gearbox can get water in it, even from condensation, so Keith’s experience is puzzling….

I agree it is puzzling. There was no evidence of any water/emulsification and the thixotropic grease appeared fine. I cannot believe the guy went to all the trouble of getting the output shaft sleeved/rebushed without at least checking the bearings in the box. Those bearings were very dry as well as rusty so I concluded at the time that the grease just was not getting into the bearings properly? I guess it is also possible that it was a different grade of thixotropic grease or even possibly just simple Moly grease?