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Bob Mather

These discussions on which engine oil is best to use and also which gearbox lubricant is best makes interesting reading but never settle anything. I have been riding three speed Scotts for 56 years now and during this time one tends to sort out their idiosyncrasies and needs. I have said earlier which engine oils I use and am with Brian using 140 non EP gear oil in the gearbox. What I would like to know is does thixotropic grease become fluid only at the pressure point of the gear teeth or does the whole amount turn fluid. If it all turns fluid, surely it can leak out when in use, if not how does it get to the bushes? Will the gears just cut a groove through it and be starved? Grease might be called fluid or semi fluid but takes a while to find its own level, it is not like oil. It is known that gears and chains just cut a clear path in an oil bath but at least the splashed oil will drip back onto the gears or chains.
Just a few thoughts,
Bob Mather.