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Hi all,

Good news????? Sorry but I have to agree with Chris. Rust buckets will being dragged out and driven which couldn’t pass an MOT and even some WITH an MOT shouldn’t have one. How about a car with badly adjusted brakes that the MOT station passed because they didn’t have the equipment (Tapley meter) to check it properly? When set up right the difference was astounding. Or not one but two motorcycles with brake shoes right down to the metal AND a brake cable that felt like it was on a ratchet on one?

These are just some of the bodges I have come across on vehicles I have bought so god alone knows the state some being put back into use will be in.

I give it less that two years before this stupid piece of legislation is axed through abuse by the few like the 25 year tax exempt rule. A three year MOT would have been FAR better for historic vehicles.



I voted for pre 1920 vehicles to be exempt because they are least likely to be owned by the clueless idiots who wouldn’t know an oil filter from a coffee filter!