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Yes, I must agree that some very unsafe old vehicles WILL hit the road next year. With bikes the only person likely to come to real harm is the rider and maybe a pillion passenger, but with cars and other vehicles it is entirely another matter. When MOT testing was first introduced it drove tens of thousands of rust-buckets off the roads and into the scrapyards where they belonged. Old Ford Populars, Morris Eights, and Morris Series E’s, and countless other almost brakeless, swaying, lurching, and generally awful heaps disappeared almost overnight.
With truly vintage, ie. pre-1930 cars I am sure there is a lot more mechanical knowledge and empathy, but with “classic” cars it is a very different picture, and many owners literally haven’t a clue what goes on under the bonnet, or anywhere else unseen. They will proudly polish the bodywork of their pride and joy totally unaware that it is rotting away underneath, and have to go to the local garage for the most trivial things mechanical. My son-in-law works in a fairly typical old-established village garage, and he gets these old car owners all the time. Cars like Hillman Minxes, old Jaguars, MGB’s, Fords of all shapes and sizes, and so on, and they have no proper chassis to rely on for their structural integrity. They can LOOK good but be lethal.
Bikes CAN be as bad, and I’ve bought some in my time ! Bent forks, bent frames, wheels out of line, loose handlebar levers, and so on.
The more I think about this “concession”, the more I think it is not good news……