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You must not be so pessimistic! Pre-1960 motor vehicles have been exempt from MOT in Norway for 20 years! Motorcycles have not had any MOT requirements in Norway for at least 40 years. No problems whatsoever related to the absence of MOT have been recorded. Accidents with historic vehicles are very rare, and accidents caused by technical problems or lack of maintenance are almost unknown. Historic vehicle insurance in Norway is extremely cheap – fully comprehensive insurance for less than £40 per year. If there were any special problems with accidents caused by lack of maintenance, the insurance companies would be the first to react. I was responsible for the Norwegian Federation (LMK) Insurance Scheme for 25 years, and I have followed accident statistics in Norway closely.
It is also a fact that owners of historic vehicles as a rule take good care of their cars and motorcycles, and will also help fellow owners.

There have been several studies analyzing vehicle accidents and the reasons behind them. It appears that technical problems and lack of maintenance very seldom is the cause. Accidents are mostly due to human errors – whereof distraction is no. 1. Mobile phones, loud music, tiredness, alcohol, narcotics, medicines and senile dementia are among the main causes mentioned as being behind accidents. Failing eyesight is also a common cause. Many fatal motorcycle accidents are caused by car drivers who say that they did not see the motorcycle.

I feel that you ought to welcome the new MOT regime.

Cheers! 😀