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Hi all,

Originally the rule on pre 73 vehicles was a rolling 25 years but the reason it became a set date (or one of many I suspect) was the number of ‘pre 73’ Land Rovers suddenly turning up in barns; too many to be real and I’m betting there were duplicate applications for the same chassis number from different people. Luckily rather than drop it completely it became a fixed date with no grey area to be exploited by the dishonest.

While I agree that some places charge a small fortune for an MOT I can see this legislation being abused with some poor unfortunates buying ‘roadworthy’ vehicles that turn out to be a rotboxes full of filler which an MOT tester SHOULD spot if they are switched on.

An MOT may not guarantee a vehicle is safe to be on the road but at least it is a measure of protection that the vehicle isn’t going to fall apart at the first speed bump or pothole.