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Stan Thomas

Reminds me of a game we play at Stafford Classic Bike Show – we are all on trust to see what is the most outrageously priced piece of tat – and we compare notes aftewards. Up till now was a Villiers carb float bowl for £65, but this latest post on ebay takes the biscuit!

Another sport I invented is “Prospective Purchasing”.

When theres nowt on the telly and its raining etc. – just check out the ads on ebay or elsewhere, and then make contact with the seller, being sure to inquire why he is selling the bike or car. Then sit back and listen to the rehetoric!! Best I’ve heard so far is a chap selling his Jaguar after only two weeks ownership because it was a “shame” for the car having his kids finger marks over the polished woodwork.

Remember – In the valley of the blind, a one-eyed man is king.