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Hi thanks, the old and new taps are different threads, hence my problem, the new one is supposed to be 1/8″ BSP but won’t scew into the adapter more than a turn a two then gets “stuck” so I’ve presumed the old tap isn’t 1/8″ BSP, so I haven’t tried to force it. The old tap and adapter thread isn’t corroded (or is the thread into the cylinder), the tap handle broke while trying to open it. Perhaps the following photo will make things clearer…

On the left is the adapter that fits into the cylinder (which is okay), next is the old broken tap, next is the new tap. The new tap won’t fit into the adapter, so I either need an alternate tap that will fit the adapter, or an alternate adapter that the new tap will fit and that has the same thread as the old adapter to fit into the cylinder. The trouble is I’m not sure what any of the threads are, and I guess my measuring skills aren’t very accurate, so all suggestions welcome !