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Kevin N Bayliss

After many years of cutting corners and hoping that will do instead of doing the job properly on my old RD 2 strokes, I have even changed a broken piston at the side of the road and got home, but it only takes a small fragment of metal or a broken piston ring to cause catastrophic damage which could result in a scrap engine which happened far too frequently, good job there where plenty of spare engines around. Nowadays I hope I have a bit more sense.

I would have to concur with Brian and state I would not restart the engine without a complete strip down. It doesn’t take long to strip and rebuild and that way you will know for sure that all oil ways are clear, no debris, piston rings are free in the groves, bearings have not been too hot and started to fail. You might have got away with it but is it worth taking that chance. Good luck. Kev