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No, it wasn’t Rollerball Bearings Nottingham it was Quality Bearings Online (contact : Simon – email : sales@qualitybearingsonline.com) ; Simon went to great lengths to get me the correct Timken F1760XL bearings (£107 plus VAT each). However, as my cones and bearings were still in good nick, he found me some 1730 cups at £30 plus VAT each, which I will now fit at considerable saving.
I dont know if it is normal for a 1930 TT Rep, but the bearings were Timken F1760XL with 1730 cups. If you are looking for replacement units, I recommend that you drift out the cups to make sure of the number stamped on the edge.
It transpired that simply heating the frame head with a hair dryer (wife was out – she will never know!) was sufficient to (lightly) tap out the cups using a screwdriver and hammer.
Thanks everyone for your advise.