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I was up against the same thing a couple of years ago. I bought a pair of adapter cups to fit available ball race bearings from another member which I still have, unused. Nothing wrong with them but I decided to try taper rollers again rather than convert to ball races. In the end mine was fixed using new taper rollers in a fairly common size close to the originals, with a simple sleeve turned up on a friends lathe to adapt them. The only problem is I can’t remember whether the adapter sleeves were for the inside or outside races!
The races should be easily drifted out of the frame-I can’t remember any difficulty there-but if there is no room to get the drift on the races, and they are going to be scrapped anyway, I would consider welding a disc or bolt or other lump of scrap metal inside the race and drifting that out.
I got my taper roller replacements from Simply Bearings. They have an easy to use website and a good range and service, in my experience.
Hope that helps, Steve.