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Amazing how the initial post by Keith Dickinson has started this flow of responses that have gone away from the original theme!
I’ve been thinking that as Keith’s bike is far from original, with its chrome mudguards, etc., that another ‘deviation’ would be of no consequence, and the offending front brake could be kept with the machine to be recommissioned by a future owner who may wish to restore the bike to original spec., and in the meantime replace the front wheel with one that will drop straight into the Dowty forks, namely a Birmingham Scott wheel, with its much bigger and more effective brake(s)…. (later Brum forks were coil sprung, and not Oleo action, but they were based on Dowty tubes, yokes, etc.)
There are other wheels that will drop straight in, because of course other makers used Dowty forks, including Velocette, Panther, Sarolea, AJW, EMC, etc.. With a custom-made spindle, there must be lots of other brakes that could also be used.