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He he, I certainly don’t mind the thread diverging at tangents! Its all great stuff to me and helps getting to know you all.

I am torn re the issue of the front brake. I am certainly aware my bike is currently not particularly stock and I am used to more modern bikes so I have come to value a good front brake on the road. Thus, knowing I have options to replace the current brake with something from a later bike is something I will certainly consider if my current efforts come to naught. Thanks Brian!

However, I do want to give the current brake a fair chance before I consign it to the ‘spares’ pile and am encouraged that not everyone finds the brake poor. My wheel bearings are modern sealed ones so I can clean up all the excessive grease every where in the backplates and restrict it to a smear on the pivots. That way my newly relined shoes should stay clean. I have rigged up a method of spinning my backplates in the lathe so I can wind the brake out (after centralisation) and turn the linings to the appropriate 6″ drum diameter. That should maximise resistance! I am intrigued at the comment from Richard regarding shaping the leading? edges to encourage self energisation. Can someone elaborate further as I cannot access that article? I could cope OK with a ‘grabby’ brake………..