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Hi Keith,
It is nearly 30 years since I had to rebuild a set of Dowty forks, but at least sets of seals are more easily obtainable now than they were then. Of course the condition of the surfaces that the seals work on is critical, and my sliders were well worn, as were the phosphor-bronze bushes that they slide in. I took my sliders to Nottingham Hard Chrome Plating and Grinding to be built up back to standard size, and they did an excellent job, with motorbike forks and hydraulic rams being their main business.They take a bit of finding, being on the Industrial Estate at Boughton, near Ollerton, in Nissen huts that used to be a WW2 P.O.W. camp ! It’s a bit of a Hell’s Kitchen sort of place, but don’t let that put you off. Phosphor-bronze offcuts, to make new bushes from, can be picked up at the Newark Autojumbles, but is EXPENSIVE !! It just so happens that there is a jumble on Sunday Nov 18th. Do check the condition of the balance pipe connecting the two sides of the forks, hidden in the hollowed-out underside of the top yoke. The special Kilner inflation valves are long obsolete, but can be replaced with a high-pressure tyre valve.Check the valve before you tear the forks apart ! Whilst there are conversions to conventional coil springs around, I believe that they have no damping, and must be like having a pogo stick on the front of the bike ! Sammy Miller did a conversion in recent years, so it might be worth having a word with him before you make a decision… See you next Sunday.