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Thanks for the welcome! I’m still waiting on my Yowl but hopefully I’ll get the October edition shortly. I’m certainly looking forward to making the November East Mids meeting especially if the weather is not too unkind so I can take the Scott. One of my aims is to persuade someone to take it for a spin for an opinion on the low speed running and gearbox!

I guessed that Scott owners would be a tad eccentric to match the bike. I’m sure I’ll fit in fine 😀

My front brake appears stock but the original compensator etc has been replaced by a ‘twin pull’ front brake lever. I did try increasing the leverage at the lever (I had read that particular Technicalities article) but all that did was make the brake really spongy. However, I stripped the brake out again yesterday and my linings are back to being black and greasy. I cleaned them up a couple of weeks back but they are clearly deeply contaminated. Thus, I have just sent them off to Saftek for a re-line to see if that helps. When I get them back I’ll mount them in the brake plates and try turning them down to the exact hub diameter in the lathe. I’ve not tried that trick before that before but it sounds like a worthwhile exercise to maximise friction.