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Hi, Geoff Ingram from the wide brown land of Australia. It is nearly summer and the bloody heater is on.
I have had a 1949 Scott for about 5 years now and have to say the front brake is about the best drum brake I have ever used. It is easily a match for a good mates Velocette Thruxton twin leading shoe
When I first bought the bike the brake was not very good but a good clean and grease of the box transformed the brake.
I learnt in 1980 as the owner of a 125 KTM enduro bike that drums like to be clean and correctly lubricated to work properly.

The performance of the twin front brake on the Scott has nothing to do with how how the box is mounted to the front muguard.
The forces of the inner cables are taken by the outer cables, the compressive forces from the handlebar lever go through the outer cable from the handlebar lever to the box, through the box to the outer cables from the box to the brake plates. The brake may well work a little better if the box was just floating around as the cables could then be in their “natural” position. Although the rattle and scatched paint could be a pain.
If anone tries this could you let me know the results. Braking results not rattle and scratched paint results.

I have been having a wonderful time with my Scott of late.
Friday I found a cracked left crank.
Saturday I found a cracked right crankcase.
I am hoping Roger Moss has some cranks to sell.
If anyone has advice about welding crankcases I will listen.
At the moment I am considering using an aluminium brazing rod called Ultrabond. Its melting pont is only 380 degress C and strength greater than aluminium.
Strength of bond can be good depending on stuff. Mainly cleanliness.