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I got my relined shoes back from Saftek (the softest grade) on Friday so got to work. I wound the brakes out on each backplate so just over 6″ and then turned down the linings to the exact diameter of the drum. All then reasembled with care and a near absence of grease and set off for a test drive with the brake lever in the stock position. The improvment was great but thats only compared to the previous complete lack of brake performance. I then set the brake lever to the ‘increased leverage’ position and tried again. Well, it was certainly better as the forks sank sharply on braking. However, testing was somewhat curtailed as the sinking of the forks was accompanied by a loud ‘hiss’ followed by a clunk as the forks completely collapsed 😆 As can be imagined this somewhat curtailed further testing activity. Thus, I think a fork rebuild is advised sooner rather than later as its a tad impractical to have to pump the forks up after every hard stop 🙄