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Okay rechecked everything and the timing did look massively out, so much so that it couldn’t be adjusted by turning the distributer, so we ended up taking the pump-distributer unit off to check, but that all looked okay so we replaced it back on the bike. Magically the timing looked closer then, so we’re not really sure if we mis-read the timing initially or somehow the pump-distributer unit wasn’t located properly (is that even possible with the locating pin 😯 ).

Anyway we’ve now reset the timing by checking that the cylinder is at TDC then adjusting the distributer so the points are just fully open, is there a better way of doing this?

But it still won’t start 🙁 , we’re now very frustrated and ready to give up :oops:, I get the feeling it’s something fundamental and the timing being out gave us hope just to be dashed 😥

Kevin – sorry couldn’t phone you, as I don’t have your number, and as I’m not currently a paid up member of the SOC don’t have access to a current Yowl.