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Kevin N Bayliss

Are you sure on timing, normally if the leads are on the wrong plugs you will not get it trying to run, you get a bang from the exhaust because it’s trying to fire when the exhaust port is open. Last weekend at Cadwell park one of the guys couldn’t get there Scott to start off the kickstart they always had to push it, I checked the timing and although set by an “expert” it was wrong. I adjusted roughly at fully advanced and the piston at just less than 5/16 btdc and the points just opening, it now starts first or second kick. He has now gone home to set with correct tools I e measuring equipment. Not sure if your timing is the same measurements or not but I’m sure someone will comment if you don’t know, I take it yours has a distributor fitted? Have you timed it on the correct rotation ??? Good luck for tomorrow. Kev