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Stan Thomas

Hi Russell,

I’m afraid I’m not in your area, and not going in that direction soon – however, as a thought, email me your ‘phone number and I’ll talk you through a few things if that will help. my email is stan@thomas16.orangehome.co.uk

Before you fit the new battery, remove the plugs (I suggest a new pair) and the drain plugs from under the crankcase and push the bike some distance in bottom gear to blow out all the rich (?) mixture, so you can start a-fresh.

Put the drain plugs back and kick the bike over slowly with the throttle wide open but the petrol/ignition off , and there should be distinct “popping noises” signifying that the crankcase compression is transfering to the combustion chambers. Then put one plug in and test for compression, remove the plug and do likewise for the other cylinder (all with petrol off and throttle wide open).

If all is well, now fit the battery and plugs and your ready to try again.

An old tip when starting from cold is to put your hand completely over the carb inlet and give the bike four or five kicks – (on the kickstart not the bike in general). However, if it does not start, don’t just keep flooding the engine on the tickler, ring me!