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It’s been running great since we got it re-started, starting first or second kick, until I went out on it yesterday. I’d just filled it up with petrol then about 50 yards from the petrol station it faltered lost lower and stopped. I checked round and one of the HT leads had come loose on the spark plug, so tightened it up, presuming that was the problem. Then it wouldn’t start again, so had to call breakdown to get me home. I’ve checked it over today and everything looks okay, but it still wont kick over. I’ve checked that there is a spark by connecting a timing light in series with the plugs, so presumed fuel, but everything looks okay there too, even tried some Easy Start but not a puff or a bang.

So back to square one 😯

There’s just no sign of life, and I know now everything is set okay, totally frustrated 😥