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Richard Moss

I realise that this thread is veering away from your mag sprocket but I’ll throw a couple of things your way. It seems that you’re slightly unsure of whether the issue is in fact carb related. Is that right?

Carburation-wise, if you think that you are flooding upon start up due to incorrect float height then just tickle and turn the fuel off to start. We’ve done this for years on our bikes, mainly if a float needle sticks open, as they do quite often. Better to get someone to give you a push (to get the engine speed higher) and start with the throttle full open just to clear it out and give it some air. If the float height is too low then I guess you’ll see no evidence of fuel in the carb when you are tickling it. If you suspect this, then use easy start. If it doesn’t fire on easy start (and you’ve isolated flooding) then it’s a fair bet under normal circumstances that it’s ignition related.

I don’t think I’ve ever really had any massive problems with float height. I think that maybe mixture is more critical at the rotational speeds and duration of rotation available with a kickstart starting procedure. Since we don’t use kickstarts and either use starting rollers or more usually push start, you’ve got more of a chance to overcome slightly imperfect conditions. Employ the services of a energetic youth and see if it starts then…