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It’s a front stand, it mounts onto the engine bolt using top hat spacers instead of the plain ones and when raised is fixed by a bolt through a bracket on the lower frame rail which locates in the open sided hole in the small bracket on the side of the stand. My 39 Flyer with swinging arm conversion only had a prop stand so I fitted one of these recently to give stability if I take it to shows. Not a handy thing to use as you need to unbolt it before you can put it down and then you need to lift the whole of the front of the bike while someone else pushes the stand forward into its working position. That said it makes the bike really secure, I think they were originally intended to allow the front wheel to be raised for maintenance. Be aware that there seem to be different length versions of this stand, the one I fitted although totally original was about 1 inch too short to touch the ground and I had to extend it.