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Hi Mike. I have up till now never ridden a Scott myself,as this one is not quite ready for the road yet. I was often pillion on this very bike when my brother lived in the uk,pre 1970 though. I’m getting itchy feet now !! As for the forks, when we shipped it from Australia,there was some damage to the packing case. The hole was about the size of a fork-truck blade. There was a box shaped gap inside the case and this must have contained the fork seal holders. They are Aerco sprung forks by the way. I tried in vain to find the required parts,but in the end bought a chinese mini ‘wonder lathe’ and made my own seal holders from aluminium bar. They work reasonably well, but as I never knew how good the originals were I have nothing to compare with. Mk 2 design entails removing them, and machining another ‘o-ring’ groove inside the lower portion as a back up. Any-one out there found a source of steering head bearings for the swinging arm frame.? I know Doug in the States used BMW R60S items in adapters,but has anyone found a DIRECT replacement? The Dnepr/Ural/Chang/Jiang ball headraces can be had off ebay for around £12.50 (post included !)for top and bottom sets (2 x complete bearings) from the Ukraine.Arbelet motors Ukraine,ebay number 160917759517. They still need adapters for the inner races,and I would think that they are not Timken quality, but…… !!

Atb Andy