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Thanks everyone for your input.
As my TT Rep is a longstroke 600, unless anyone advises otherwise, I will assume that the ignition timing should be set at 1/4″ BTDC (or 2.4″ on the flywheel) and that (in the likely event of the magneto cam being slightly out) the second cylinder should be 1/4″ or less BTDC.
I note that nobody has mentioned the dwell period at TDC. It seems that there is a fair amount of piston dwell on Scott motorcycles. So, again, I will assume that the commencement of dwell should be marked on the flywheel, likewise with the end of dwell and the mean taken as correct TDC.
I think that my feeler gauge has a 1 thou (certainly 1-1/2 thou) leaf. I assume that using this on the points, simply has the effect of slightly retarding the timing (which is obviously better than advancing the timing). However, will 1/4″ BTDC still be the figure to go for, if this method is used for setting the points?