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Hello David,

Good to hear positive feedback, I know a lot of people read this forum but not many respond, so it is difficlut to judge if time/effort put into creating such stuff is worthwhile or not. To produce an hour of video takes around 4-6 times that to copy/edit/publish etc.

My speed was limited to about 70mph max as I was still in the final stages of running in and coming out of quarterbridge I did feel it tightening up so backed off to ensure I finished the lap. Next year should be taps fully open!

All I can say is that all the riders from the pre war era were true heros (nutters?) to lap as they did on dirt roads. It felt quick on smooth tarmac, I’d suggest I couldn’t lap that bike at 60mph in the wet nowadays let alone as Mr Hatch did. Mind you I was also going slow enough to see all the lamp posts, telegraph poles and roadside flowers to know mistakes are severely punished so my lack of experience and course knowledge meant I rode it as a road I had never ridden before.

Your VHS will be in the post tomorrow together with a DVD backup, many thanks for the loan.