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Martin Heckscher

Hi Dave,

I don’t know about articles in “Yowl”, nor whether or not this will be of any relevance or interest, but some years ago I bought a Replica frame, forks, and tank from Brian Marshall. Brian had already done some research via the West Yorkshire Archive Service. This revealed that the machine was registered on 26th March 1929 by The Scott Motor Cycle Co. Ltd. in their own name. We don’t know what use it was put to by the factory for the next few weeks.

When I later checked the numbers in the factory despatch book I discovered that the machine was despatched to Ixion in Bexhill on 10th May 1929, just 6 or 7 weeks after it was first registered – so presumably it was his 1929 long term test bike. It must have been returned to the factory later in the year, because the West Yorkshire records show that it was subsequently sold by Scott Motors, Leeds on 25th January 1930 to one John Wyld who kept it until 1956.

There is every reason to believe that Scotts supplied the Ixion with a machine annually: in a great article published in “The Motor Cycle” on 8th January 1931 he writes about “What I rode in 1930”. He writes:
……”Next on my list comes that hardy annual, my Scott – this season it was a Sprint Special”….. He goes on to heap praise on the Sprint, but the article is too long for me to copy here.

Best wishes to all