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Kevin N Bayliss

Time for an update

Carb new needle and jets
Float bowl new needle and float
body slide not worn.
200 main jet

test run 55mph with the wind behind you, noisy engine, pinking type noise / rattle.

Boyer stated no chance wasted spark causing a problem.

Ripped Boyer system out and fitted two set’s of point, coils and condensers sitting on floor, lot’s of wires to bike. quick static setup for timing.

started engine, much quieter running, no noticeable pinking, crisper exhaust note, quicker acceleration,

got strobe as checking timing, right hand drive pin detached from drive plate, pin continued and forced the door open with a bang, door retaining bolts ripped out with threads from crankcase. no more running.

engine out and stripped again ( ill soon be good at this)

end float had gone from 15thou to 55thou, locknut tight, bolt not tight even though i’d knocked the cranks together several time during assembly until the bolt stopped moving when trying to tighten,

both wells full of black carbonised petrol oil mix,

left hand conrod on crank slight rocking, not as fitted.

both piston gudgeon pin holes had worn, pins will now fall out, not as fitted.

complete engine up to pistons full of black oily mess, plugs and top of pistons dark brown ish colour.

flywheel dry, crank seals no leaks,

my conclusion is i’m going to talk to the Boyer system with a mash hammer until it’s in powder form and will probably continue with the Pazon as well as i am now convinced that the wasted spark defiantly was causing my engine to fire at top and bottom of the stroke, which in turn has put excess stress on all the internal components causing accelerated wear.

I do not like the points setup or the big clumsy dynamo sticking out so i’m going to fit a mag and decide what to do about the charging system.

The case is drowning in cleaning solution as are all the engine components, bits to send to Richard, An exhaust to make, new doors to make, case to drill and tap, plenty of time, it will be worth it when done. Kev