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Hi Brian I can`t add much only to verify that the cranks were special for that model and probably the best longstroke cranks ever made by the Scott motor cycle co,as far as I know this model only lasted one year. The cranks looked like shortstroke cranks from the back but had no oil drillings whatsoever, I have a couple in stock and could e-mail photos if you are interested, I just assume that 1933/34 was a time when Scotts older clientel were sceptical about the new detachable head engines coming on the market , and this was offered to placate them. In my mind this model would have had the input of Harry Langman who new what made a good Scott and not William Cull who was obviously a dreamer and deeply engulfed in positive big end lubrication IE the grand prix engine , the three cylinder engine, and the swashplate pump all far too complicated for a two stroke engine not forgetting of course the DPZ/DPY cranks what a backward step this was. I would also assume that the LFZ/LFY cylinders were just TT rep castings without the cylinder wall oiling machining carried out and would have had milder port timings. The reason I know about LFZ/LFY cranks is that when I bought my new Birmingham Scott in 1964 it was not only fitted with clubman special pistons it also had LFY cranks, I don`t know for sure but these could also have been used in the Swift ,unless someone knows differently ? Alan Noakes.