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I am not expert enough on Scott pistons to know the subtle differences between “T” and “R” stamped specimins but if it is a matter of the height of the crown would it not be possible to reshape the “R” type piston crown?

A long time ago I had to make my own pistons and rings for the Scott’s little brother, a 125cc Moto Rumi ‘Tipo Sport’.

At 62cc per pot I’ll admit the Rumi pistons are quite a bit smaller than the Scott ones but on the other hand the deflector crown shape is rather more complicated.

Back then I had access to an Alexander 3 axis die sinking machine, I scaled up a pattern of the piston crown made from wood and body filler and went to work. If a die sinker will not serve for the larger Scott pistons then these days there is always CNC.

Nowadays new pistons and cylinders are available for the Rumi, I have a set by me, but those home-brewed ones are still working and if it ‘aint busted don’t fix it!