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The one in the bottom photo (and the bike !) was my 1927 long wheel base Flying Squirrel, and it had a 21″ back wheel, yet still had plenty of mudguard clearance. It was bought from the Spares Scheme. The top photo shows the slightly earlier carrier with straight rear members, but these were replaced by ones like ‘mine’ with the dog-leg bend in the rear members, which allowed the fitting of rectangular leather-fronted toolboxes direct to the carrier instead of to the mudguard stays, as per the middle photo. Somewhere I have a dimensioned drawing done by John Underhill, and if I can find it I can supply copies. I may also have a drawing of the veteran type rear carrier. On really early bikes the carrier was part of the frame, and not detachable. Glyn Chambers had one or two batches of carriers made for the Spares Scheme, so he may also have drawings.