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Kevin N Bayliss

Simply, yes, Normally the capacitor is one reason for mags being intermittent or failing or weak spark and having gone to the trouble of rewinding the bobbin (due in this case of failing ht coil) I wanted to give the Easycap a go so in future IF the condenser does fail it is a three minute job to replace and can be done at the side of the road. Ive kept the original condenser and removed the earth contact so I do not have to fit a nut in position to hold the circuit breaker plate in as with new embodied condensers, effectively just providing the original fixing. Is this the wrong way to go, only time will tell, but the spark at very low revs is superb. I will keep you updated with performance.
Also Bill at Brightspark emailed me with an answer to one of my questions about the parts they sell after finding out what I was doing and gave me the correct slipring part number for Scott clockwise rotation and I bought it, good job as the original that was fitted to my mag was not the correct one. Thanks Bill. Kev