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Tony Kitching

Hi everyone, here’s an update on my magneto.
I could find nothing obviously wrong, so cleaned everything up, stoned the points flat and reassembled it .I set the plug gaps at 15 thou. (as per Roger) and everything is now back in place. With regard to the plugs,I use Champion D16 (18mm) which perform faultlessly. I take them out about twice a year to check them, and usually put them straight back. they come out a lovely brown colour and usually dry. I should explain that although the bike is a 1947, the engine no. is DPY 4613 which I think is 1938. Also the bike runs only on petroil at 30:1 which is the best modification I have made to the bike.
Frustratingly, I can’t try out the bike because after the local boxing day run out, I removed the exhaust pipe and it is now with a local firm who are making a stainless steel one for me. I had bodged up the pipe just to do the run but on the way home it was attracting a lot of attention. However, just kicking the bike over I can see that there is a much stronger spark than I had before and so I wait with trepidation the return of my exhaust pipe.
Thanks to all those who offered advice.