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It always amazes me how much grief people will put up with before they are prepared to consider a professional rebuild on a mag! I watched a chap last year kick himself into a sweat on what should have been an easy starting bike (Beeza A 10). The lad had tried every adjustment under the sun but to no avail, it was obvious the mag was not performing right.

I have a modern BTH electronic mag on a pre war V twin. It is an excellent piece of tack which adresses the inbuilt design fault that all 50 degree V twin magnetos have. However they don’t come
cheap, and it is probably a bit of a luxury on a road going Scott.

When it comes to chosing someone to rebuild a mag, from bitter experience, I suggest that you find someone local to you, someone to whom you can take it in person.
Many years ago I was recomended to a well-known repairer ( who is still in business) for a rebuild on a veteran Bosch magneto. Anyone can have a problem, but I was less than impressed with his complaint handling procedures and have subsequently heard that I am not the only disatisfied customer for this chap. After posting it back twice, In the end I paid someone else to rewind the (rewound) armature, I had lost all confidence in him. That was the last “mail order” mag I had done.

For many years since, I have taken my custom to Mick at FTW Motorcycles at Sheffield, with no problems whatsoever. Suggest you ask around locally, check with Old Bike Mart etc, to find someone reliable. Believe me, it is worth knowing that if it doesn’t work properly, you can go back and bang on the counter!


Malc. Webb