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That was Reg Phillips, and he departed this mortal coil many years ago. I bought his totally derelict 1929 TT Replica, UT2770, in about 1983. and with it “for spares” came his racer, which had been a Flying Squirrel of about 1936 vintage. It was very incomplete, having been cannibalized to keep the Rep on the road, and even the frame had been sawn into pieces. It was painted a darkish shade of red. On the toolbox of the Rep was a brass badge inscribed “Burton and District MC and LCC”. I assume that those initials stood for ‘motor cycle and light car club’
I found the Scotts in a village called Little Eaton, just North of Derby, and found the Reg Phillips name and address in the log books, and tried to find him at the time, but was informed that he had died “about twenty years ago”, so probably sometime in the early sixties.