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Rod Norris

Hi Martin,
Whilst not being able to see the frame, it is surprising what can be done with modern frame straightening devices. MCN featured a company near us who showed it being done recently and it was amazing to follow it through. If tubing is crushed, then a good source of help are the trike builders who basically use cold drawn seamless tubing to connect the frame to the new rear end or construct a complete new frame.
I don’t know who you are insured with, but Carol Nash do allow you to repair your own on some policies and pay you to do it. Just make sure you check the engine cases are OK as such a shunt could easily have twisted something you cannot see properly. I’m certain with your experience you’ll know what to look for but I find I’m more observant with other people’s machines than my own.

I know we can all make mistakes which can lead to nothing or something major but this sort of stupidity by the car driver deserves prosecution.

Radius broken in 7 places doesn’t sound too minor but glad you are putting a positive slant on things.