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Hi Bob.
I would not lose any sleep over your choice of shade of Red. They seem to vary quite a lot, and original paint barrels that I have had over the last 32 years confirm that. Really anything vaguely Crimson should be OK ! The transluscent varnish type finish seen on Veteran and Vintage Scotts, especially Standards, Squirrels, Super Squirrels, and early Flying Squirrels, seems to have been replaced by the opaque finish in the early 1930’s, even earlier than that on Flyers, but I wouldn’t like to try and specify a cut-off date, and no doubt if you asked for the earlier type finish when ordering your new Scott, you would get it, as after 1930 sales were but a small fraction of the 1929 output, (peak production year), typically just two or three bikes a week, and they were desperate for sales.